De Novu Institute


Over a 90-minute session, our Certified Health Coach will conduct an exhaustive inquiry into your weight management circumstances; inclusive of your anthropometric measurements, history of weight and diets, medical background and any information related to your weight loss challenges. Only once all relevant details are accumulated, your weight loss program, actionable goals and therapy timeline will be determined.
A weight loss plan requires modifications to your diet and daily activities, and most important, a committed frame of mind. We at De Novu provide you with all the support and motivation needed during these challenging times, and hand in hand, we will help you follow your strict weight loss regime to achieve your life-lasting goals. Life is all about striving and balance; we encourage you to strive and teach you how to maintain balance.

The duration of your journey at De Novu is dependent primarily on your individualized weight objective, and this will only be determined during your initial consultation with our Certified Health Coach. Basically, the more weight there is to lose, the lengthier your program. Your customized weight loss journey goes through 3 phases:

  • Weight loss: During the first phase, you are on your way to healing your relationship with food and your body. You will learn to feel in control of food and to be able to eat in moderation (while eating out, during vacations or special occasions) – without bingeing or overeating. You will learn to resist all that don’t benefit your program, including processed foods, refined sugars and even alcohol consumption.
  • Stabilisation: our journey does not stop at weight loss. The stabilisation phase is designed to help you reach your best and most balanced weight, focusing on restoring your entire body to reach your optimal body weight.
  • Autonomy: Once you’ve reached the final stage of your journey with us, you will be able to sustain and maintain your new healthy habits and balanced weight for life. You will leave De Novu with a toolkit of confidence, knowledge and wisdom to a forever healthier and happier life.

During your first phase of Weight Loss, you will be required to attend weekly sessions lasting 90 minutes. The tight monitoring of your sessions is one of the key factors to your successful weight loss journey. Only once you have reached your optimal weight and move into your stabilisation phase, the frequency of your visits will be determined by you and Our Certified Health Coach in conformity with your progress and circumstances.

We strongly abide by the successful approach of Corpotherapy, a holistic, multidisciplinary practice developed in France that incorporates nutrition, massage, exercise and coaching to reach your optimal life lasting, weight loss result. De Novu is a long-term investment in yourself and we are here to support you throughout your entire journey, forever breaking the chronic cycle of weight gain, loss and regain. We are here to help you get ready to look and feel your best.

lease note that there is no guarantee of specific results in weight loss and the results can vary from person to person.
We have been applying De Novu’s proven method with all our patients with great weight reduction in all of them.