De Novu Institute


Coaching & Dietics

Our Certified Health Coach will be your guided mentor throughout your journey with us. Our Dietitian will design your tailored nutritional meal plans, based on your specific needs and weight goals. Weekly appointments with both functions are scheduled to methodically address the root causes of your weight management difficulties, providing with long term, holistic solutions.

Our 360 De Novu Approach reinforces clean eating habits, using natural, nutrient-rich and whole foods, strictly advising against any added preservatives or refined sugars. We at De Novu understand that 6 out of 11 of the risk factors contributing to the global burden of diseases are diet related, and hence the importance for a revolutionary approach to the traditional fad diets out there in our community.


A relaxing, yet essential part of your 360 De Novu Approach to weight loss. Your weekly scheduled massage therapy enhances your blood circulation and lymphatic drainage that in turn, drives toxins and waste materials out of your body, allowing for improved nutrient absorption. To further enhance the results of our Members, we use clinical massage instruments to boost the production of elasticin and collagen, breakdown stubborn fatty deposits, and thankfully for the ladies, reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Activity Coaching

A successful weight loss plan is incomplete without a tailor-made fitness program. Weekly activity plans based on your biometrics are designed especially for you, complementing the other aspects of your 360 De Novu Approach journey. Whether you are an advanced athlete or not, a sports lover or not, our Certified Activity Coach ensures that your plan is made just for you. With easy to apply movements, we bring you steps closer to your goals, here at our gym or even at the comfort of your own home.