De Novu Institute


De Novu’s unique, holistic 360 Approach to sustainable weight management helps you lose weight and keep it off.

1. A Holistic Approach

Stepping away from overused, traditional methods to weight loss, De Novu adopts a more holistic, interactive and supportive technique for life-lasting results.

Our 360 De Novu Approach brings together the key disciplines of dietetics, physical activity and massage therapy across the different stages of your weight loss journey.

The integrated delivery of these disciplines drives a broad reassessment of your diet, physical activity and lifestyle behaviours that require transformative modifications crucial for you to break your chronic cycle of weight gain, loss and regain; with positive, life-lasting results.

2. Personalised Care

From the moment you step into our care, we provide ongoing guidance and unwavering support through all the ‘ups and downs’ of your weight loss journey. Our focus is you, your objectives and your success.

Based on your objectives, we begin by formulating a customized weight loss program designed to meet your individual requirements. Weekly sessions are then scheduled with our multidisciplinary team to evaluate your weight loss progress and calibrate your program based on changes observed from the previous week. The adjustments are coordinated across our teams to ensure we shape the most effective road for you and hand in hand, we achieve your weight loss goals.

3. Multidisciplinary Team

Our highly specialized and fully certified team is constituted of our Health Coach, Dietitian, Physical Trainer and Massage Therapist. Together, they bring a multidisciplinary and integrative approach to your weight loss journey, and they are committed to preparing you for sustainable autonomous body management. This is our 360 De Novu Approach in action.

Every week, De Novu’s team coordinates together to ensure your personalised diet plans are in sync with your physical activity and massage therapy. Your success is their success.

4. Long-Term Solution

For enduring weight loss results, we apply our three-stage process – Weight Loss, Stabilisation and Autonomy, to every Member’s journey to effectively break the chronic cycle of weight gain, loss and regain.

The first part of our process delivers the weight loss you need, taking you one important step towards your objectives. The next part stabilises your body to its optimal healthy weight then it empowers and equips you with the tools and techniques for autonomous body management thereafter for the rest of your life.

5. Proven Results

Our 360 De Novu Approach was inspired by the success and philosophy behind Corpotherapy, a successful French wellness discipline integrating the fundamentals of dietetics, physical activity, massage therapy and health coaching for weight loss. Corpotherapy was launched back in 2004 at the De Varga Institute in Paris, and ever since has delivered a weight loss success rate of over 90%. We take pride in applying the same integrative weight loss disciplines that is applied in Paris, here in Dubai.

6. The Institute Experience

The De Novu Institute exudes a sense of welcoming and belonging from the moment you walk through our door. Located on Al Wasl road in a serene, stand-alone villa, Members are taken into the care of our handpicked multidisciplinary team, in our best in class facility. For example, we know how self-consciousness often inhibits the public adoption of physical activity and exercise. As such, we’ve created a private gym studio where you will be able to begin integrating physical activity into your lifestyle with the privacy you deserve.

To supplement your De Novu experience, we offer workshops and services including Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Yoga and Pilates.

7. One-on-One Coaching Concept

We understand the rollercoaster of emotions involved with the typical fad diets; the frustrations, the anger, the binging episodes and so forth. This is why our One-on-One Health Coaching concept plays a vital role in our 360 De Novu Approach to weight loss – the role of support and encouragement throughout your entire journey with us, from the moment you sign up at De Novu. Partnering together encourages trust, commitment and accountability, which are all essential for us to help you succeed.

We extend this individualised coaching support beyond your weekly session and time spent with us at the Institute. We are by your side; always available to support and help you keep on track.

8. Pricing Strategy

We provide comprehensive and affordable solutions to everyone looking to make their weight loss intention a lifelong reality. De Novu programs are comprehensive and rigorous.

During your first month alone, you will be with us for over 6 full hours of integrated therapy. Our cardinal aim is to deliver real but affordable value. We believe in the wellbeing of our Members and our community, and by providing accessible options, we will create a healthy ripple effect around us.