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Trying to Lose Weight on Your Own is not Enough!

if you are overweight, obese or have a history of unsuccessful dieting, or you are looking to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Join our Member Community and kick start your Weight Loss Journey with a personalized Life-Style Modification Weight Loss Program at De Novu Institute, which is a unique personalized and outcome driven program.

Our 360 Holistic program is a structured and cost-effective program. This is a personalized comprehensive, non-surgical weight loss technique utilizing the right combination of balanced diet and exercises. 

According to research , combining Diet & Exercise is the most effective way to lose weight. Our monthly packages delivered over weekly visits including Diet , Exercise & Massages are all well-coordinated by the Health Coach. This dedicated health coach is always available to motivate you!.

Wanting to Lose Weight effectively with minimal effort is NOW Possible with EMS Slimming Therapy!

EMS- Electrical Muscle Stimulation is an innovative and advanced approach that involves 90 percent of the body muscles to burn fat, relax muscles and accelerate recovery from injury. This deep muscle stimulation may help tighten and tone the skin and improve blood circulation.

More Benefits of EMS :

  •  Helps in Weight loss
  •  uplifts sagging skin
  •  Reduces Cellulite & water retention.
  •  Builds Muscle Strength


Success Stories

When you want to lose weight, De Novu is the place to go.

I have followed many programs in my life, I ended up getting bored and tired not mentioning the long time it takes. I was referred to this institute by my friend, I made the best choice of my life. Lost 25 KGs in 12 weeks. 

Its not as bad as it sounds! The first week is a bit challenging…

after that it is easy, weight is falling off itself. I lost almost 20 KGs in 5 months, even with a few hiccups (especially on holidays)..but it was so worth it!!! Thank you Julie and the team! Angeline is a killer! – Iwona.


Personalized Weight loss Program

De Novu develops personalised programs for each Member by following a methodology where the health coach customizes packages comprised of dietetics, activity coaching and therapeutic massage therapy to ensure each Member’s objectives are met.

Proven results every week

At De Novu, we deliver real, life-changing results through weekly sessions with our multi-disciplinary team. Week upon week, you will effectively shed your excess weight until you reach your target weight at the end of the Weight Loss Stage.

Guidance in maintaining Mind

Our success is derived from the discipline we follow every day to provide to each Member with the physical, mental and emotional support they need every step of the way throughout their personalised, De Novu program.